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National Bartenders Bartending School




Interested in Bartending?  Here is what you will learn at Covina Bartending School.
Bartending is a hands on profession and must be taught by hands on instruction behind a real bar, in a real bar or nightclub environment. We will teach you everything you need to become a professional bartender. Upon graduation, you will be ready to work in any bar or nightclub in the country, with a nationally recognized certificate. Even though Bartending is one of the oldest known professions, the skills and knowledge required changes constantly. We are constantly updating our materials so you only learn relevant, up to date information that will allow you to excel as a professional bartender.



Bartending Training Manual
60 pages of printed text outlining the following areas:


  • »  Basic bar setup
  • »  Glassware
  • »  Basic bar ingredients
  • »  Mixology (8 lessons)
  • »  Extra drink recipes
  • »  Mid-term exam and speed drill reference
  • »  Spirits, liqueurs, wine origins, wine history and cordials reference list
  • »  Customer service, hints, tips and golden rules
  • »  Equipment handling (tappers, C02 tanks, etc.)
  • »  Party bartending information
  • »  Beverage text
  • »  Employment tips advisory and more!



Mid-term and Final Exams to Graduation
At the completion of the first complete week the student is invited to participate in the written mid-term exam. This aids both the student and the instructor in charting the students progress. At the completion of the second (final) week, the student completes a 4 page written exam. The student can take the test whenever he/she feels confident enough to take the exam. The student may also re-take the exam if he/she did not pass the first time.


Graduation and School Certificate
School certificate is awarded after completion of 40 hours of instruction, a final written exam (90% passing grade) and a practical speed drill (12 drinks in less than 6 minutes minimum).


  • »  National Bartenders School, Covina, will teach you to build and present over 250 mixed drinks including recipe, garnish, glass ware, mixing method and presentation.
  • »  Daily hands-on use of common bar school equipment and tools.
  • »  Your "behind-the-bar" time is maximized.
  • »  After completing bartending training, you will be able to respond to a 12 drink order in less than 6 minutes prior to certification.
  • »  We emphasize proper customer service practices.
  • »  We provide bartending instruction on regulation and laws.
  • »  You are taught how to identify and deal with potential problems that may occur in the workplace.
  • »  Graduates will receive a nationally recognized certificate proving successful completion of bartender training courses.
  • »  You will be prepared to go to work after finishing!




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